Brands & Innovation
Amsterdam Fashion Institute
At Brands & Innovation, a course part of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, we believe the future is not predetermined but rather created by today's decisions and efforts.

Therefore our creatives, develop the following products;

The insight report highlights developments that we feel are, or should be, important to brands and the (fashion) world at large.

In the scenarios we use these insights to speculate about possible futures for certain brands.

In the innovation proposals, we consult certain brands by proposing future concepts and prototypes to help these brands stay relevant in the next decade.

All the material you see on this website is the result of 5 month's work and used only for educational purposes.

[ A paradox is an apparent contradiction. A paradox consists of two things that at first glance are not possible, but if you think about it more deeply, they are. ]

The world we live in today, is one big paradox and that is the reason for the theme of this year's Brands and Innovation specialisation.

We’ve never been this developed and done so well, but at the same time we’ve never been in a worse spot. We’re thriving in bad behaviour, and brands need to adapt.

We define a paradox as a grey area, as two sides of the same coin. A paradox shows that a situation/subject can have two completely opposite sides/effects at the same time.

We invite you to broaden your perspective on the topic of paradox by diving into the themes our creatives carried out.
In the first phase, our creatives researched the topic 'Paradox', resulting in conversations, in-depth articles and photography exposures.
Explore below.