Brands & Innovation
At Brands and Innovation, a course part of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, we believe the future is not predetermined but rather created by today's decisions and efforts.
The Paradox
Life has a funny way of coming full circle, doesn’t it? And there’s something beautiful about that. Some call it fate, others karma. Some don’t care what it’s called and just get on with life. In the last year, Blogos has gone through changes, and there’s been people both leaving and joining the company. As ever, changes can be scary and tricky – but it seems now, holding this new issue of The Cork in my hands, that Blogos has come out stronger and even more focused than it was before.
In the first phase, 22x students researched the topic the paradox, resulting in 22x interview conversations, indepth articles and photoshoot exposures. Explore below. Hardly a secret destination but well worth visiting, especially if you know which stands to hit. For quick, cheap and delici Emmentaler cheese. Look for the yellow awning toward the eastern border of the market.